The world is committing to decarbonization. We help deliver the net-zero promise, one building at a time.


Reduce Waste

Understand the value of your existing materials and optimize reuse and deconstruction planning.


Optimize Design

Evaluate optimized adaptation design option generation and analysis, for energy, carbon and cost reduction.


offset Carbon

Generate carbon offset credits based on optimized waste management and building adaptation planning.

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Evaluate & Decarbonize

We harness the power of data-driven evaluation, reuse planning and design for decarbonizing our cities.

Engineering-based carbon accounting and reduction for existing buildings

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Limited building life cycles and difficulty in building adaptation lead to more than 60% of all building demolition in North America.

Carbon emission reduction, and construction and demolition waste mitigation are possible through intelligent building adaptation planning and design for existing buildings.


Full existing condition assessment of all life cycle stages


Embodied carbon hot spot analysis




Automated existing material salvage value calculation


Material reuse planning and optimization


1-5 M&R LEED points





Quantified design option generation


Optimization for reduced energy use, life cycle cost and carbon 


1-4 M&R LEED points





Carbon offset credit calculation for waste mitigation


Reporting for GRI, TCFD, ESG and SASB





Decarbonization Opportunities
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Net-Zero Feasibility and Offset
Optimize building adaptation planning and carbon offset evaluation
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Optimize & Automate

Adaptis’s unique algorithm combines material salvage value and reuse calculation, deconstruction planning and adaptation design feasibility.


We optimize and automate adaptation planning for environmental and economic factors. 

Explore possibilities for feasible carbon reduction of