We are devoted to building circular, resilient and adaptive futures.

We harness the power of data-driven design for decarbonizing our cities.

Understand decarbonization opportunities and improve building adaptation strategies through deep analysis of reuse, refurbishment and upcycling potential.


Improve project planning in existing building adaptation and new construction projects. Consider the potential of optimized end-of-life, next use management and circular business model integration. 

Optimize feasibility and design of new construction and building adaptation projects for environmental performance, constructability, financial feasibility and end-of-life management. 

Our Mission

We are focused on improving the adaptation process for existing buildings and enabling future adaptability planning in new construction projects. We help stakeholders in the construction industry better understand their existing assets and be informed about the possibilities for reducing cost, carbon emissions and improving circularity most efficiently.

We reduce risk from adaptation projects, optimizing and exceeding conventional design processes in performance, feasibility and quality. We incorporate circular engineering principles and evaluate end-of-life options to improve end-of-life management.

Our fully integrated decarbonizing design optimization platform for existing building operators, developers and designers enables improved decision-making. Our innovative design solutions enhance environmental performance, embodied carbon management and the financial feasibility of projects.