Evaluate Emissions

Adaptis accounts for a building’s existing emissions, highlighting embodied carbon hot spots and a clear baseline for future adaptation planning.


We will examine all life cycle stages of a building, including material selection and construction, use stage, end-of-life stage and beyond the building life cycle.


Adaptis analyzes and demonstrates decarbonization strategies with the highest climate impact.



We will provide an optimized roadmap for decarbonizing existing buildings through waster mitigation, reuse and building adaptation. 





Report and Offset

We enable accurate reporting of climate actions and progress towards net-zero to stakeholders, investors and regulators.



We provide carbon offset credit calculation for innovative decarbonization strategies and de-risk your decarbonization efforts.

Automated assessment and planning for decarbonization and reuse.

Adaptis is a software solution for improving and optimizing existing condition assessments and building adaptation planning, enabling existing building owners, designers and engineers to reduce the carbon footprint of existing buildings.

We analyze existing building conditions, generate automated material salvage value and deconstruction planning, and adaptation feasibility design options – optimizing for environmental and economic performance.

Want to know your building's decarbonization Potential?

✓ Embodied carbon and hot spot analysis

✓ Material salvage and reuse planning

✓ Optimized adaptation Feasibility

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Adaptis’s material recovery plan diverts up to 70% of construction and demolition waste from landfills.

Using our comprehensive analysis tools we can deliver 50X higher quality and well-analyzed adaptation feasibility options in 8% of the time required by traditional methods to existing building operators, developers and designers for improved decision-making.


Adaptis helps you understand your entire life cycle emissions, and highlights the highest-impact actions for decarbonization. Emission reduction strategies include material salvage and reuse, and building adaptation planning.

Our carbon calculation methodology considers all stages of embodied impact, operational impact and circularity including product stage (A1-A3), construction stage (A4-A5), use stage (B1-B7), end of life stage (C1-C4) and beyond the building life cycle stage (Module D).


Our carbon emission evaluation methodology is ISO 14044:06 (R2021) compliant. 

Adaptis examines existing materials that are suitable for reuse, and will automatically provide salvage value estimates, reuse potential and deconstruction process scenarios.


We will propose potential sellers using our database of local secondary material sellers. Alternatively, we will provide tools to reuse salvageable materials in your building’s adaptation process where applicable. 

Yes, we calculate emissions based on international standards including the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP), ISO 14044:06 (R2021) and ISO 14064-2:2019.


The calculations, assumptions and benchmarking behind all carbon calculations are transparent and always validated. 


Adaptis allows you to benchmark an existing building’s emissions and examine multiple generated building adaptation scenarios for reduced overall emissions. 


The Adaptis engine considers carbon reduction targets, energy reduction, material reuse potential, deconstruction planning, project budgets and life cycle costs to help you make informed decisions about how to plan your decarbonization strategy.

We need to have a clear understanding of your building’s existing conditions. We require existing drawings (2D drawings, 3D models, BIM, etc.), and either an existing condition assessment report or detailed site photos as inputs for our analysis.


We develop a detailed model of your existing conditions to run our analysis.

Adaptis helps you certify your climate action and meet your sustainable development goals. We comply with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHGP) and our methodology is ISO 14044:06 (R2021) and ISO 14064-2:2019 compliant.


We enable reporting for LEED Material & Resource credits, GRI, TCFD, ESG and SASB.

We are able to benchmark your building, and measure carbon emission savings through innovative measure such as waste mitigation, material reuse and building adaptation strategies.


We quantify diverted carbon emissions and enable you to monetize the carbon savings in compliance with ISO 14064-2:2019.

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